falket attrezzature per potatura e giardinaggio
professional lopping shears for pruning

with wedge / by pass

professional hedge shears for pruning

professional pruning

electric pruning scissors

shears and saw

aluminium handles pruning shears

aluminium handles

double cut pruning shears

hot forged blade

Falket grape scissors

professional scissors

Falket gardening scissors

pruning scissors

Falket pruning saw knives

pocket / on telescopic bar

Falket grafting knives

bill-hook knife


tapes and tubes

Falket accessories

leather scabbard

Falket spare parts

maintenance components

Shipping costs


Our products are sent by express courier, in accordance with the country of destination.
Falket is responsible for the choice of courier to entrust with the shipment of the goods. Shipping costs (as per the tables below) are calculated based on the delivery address at the time of purchase and displayed in the order procedure before completing payment.
On the day the package is dispatched, we will send a confirmation email. Delivery will then be made approximately within 3–5 working days. It is possible to send the ordered products to an address other than the billing address entered during registration, by providing the address details in the dedicated area within the checkout page. To avoid hitches/delays in delivery, we recommend providing an address where someone is always present (for example, the workplace).
If the customer is absent at the time of delivery of the package, the carrier will leave a notice indicating the terms for collection or possible redelivery.


Below are the shipping costs broken down by each available country of destination.

Austria / Germany / Belgium / Luxembourg / Holland
Total shipping costs 9,50€
Free shipping for purchases over 150€

France / Spain / Balearic Islands
Total shipping costs 12,00€
Free shipping for purchases over 150€

England / Slovakia / Czech Republic
Total shipping costs 13,50€
Free shipping for purchases over 150€

Sweden / Romania / Poland
Total shipping costs 14,50€
Free shipping for purchases over 150€

Estonia / Latvia / Lithuania / Hungary / Slovenia
Total shipping costs 16,50€
Free shipping for purchases over 150€

Bulgaria / Croatia / Portugal / Eire / Finland
Total shipping costs 17,50€
Free shipping for purchases over 150€

Total shipping costs 20,00€
Free shipping for purchases over 150€

Armenia / Azerbaijan / Georgia / Kazakhstan
Total shipping costs 81,70€
Free shipping for purchases over 300€

Cyprus / Albania / Belarus / Bosnia Herzegovina / Iceland / Liechtenstein / North Macedonia / Malta / Montenegro / Norway / Russia / Serbia / Ukraine
Total shipping costs 61,30€
Free shipping for purchases over 300€

Denmark / Andorra / Monaco
Total shipping costs 29,90€
Free shipping for purchases over 150€

For shipments to destinations not within the European Union, there may be additional costs and taxes, which are to be fully borne by the recipient. In this case, you can contact us by emailing info@falket.com

At the time of delivery, the Customer undertakes to verify the actual integrity of the packages and ensure that they are not open, wet, damaged nor have been tampered with or spoilt. For any problems encountered, sign RECEIVED WITH RESERVE, describing the reason directly on the delivery document. If the signature is affixed without signalling any obvious damage, the courier is relieved of any responsibility for damages to have occurred during transport. Falket shall be relieved, before the buyer, in the event of non-delivery or delayed delivery – even partial – due to force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances and in any case in all circumstances attributable to the courier’s responsibility.


Usually, fulfilment of the Order takes from 3 to 10 working days. Should we be unable to meet this deadline, the Customer will be promptly informed via email of the foreseen delivery terms. In this case, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the Order within 24 hours following receipt of the message, by written communication or else by ordinary email. If Falket does not receive any written communication from the Customer within this period regarding the intention to withdraw from the Order, the latter shall be deemed as confirmed with the new delivery terms.


The Products are accurately depicted and made visible on the website, corresponding to the characteristics actually possessed. However, being handcrafted products, they are subject to variations due to processing of the materials and Falket cannot 100% guarantee the exact correspondence with the images and colours as they appear on the Client’s monitor. For this reason, the colouring cannot be subject to dispute, with Falket being able to guarantee a dimensional tolerance of +/- 5%. The Parties mutually acknowledge that it may happen that the products shown on the website are longer available or on sale at the time of the Customer’s accessing the website, in which case the User will be informed via the information present in the product data sheet that the relative prices may be subject to change.