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aluminium handles

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These General Conditions of Sale and Transport govern the rapport between Falket and the User in relation to the remote purchase of Products via the electronic network on the website www.falket.com. Although not expressly regulated in these General Conditions of Sale and Transport, reference is to be made to the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (“Consumer Code”), pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 regarding the regulation of electronic commerce and, finally, the Italian Civil Code.
In addition to the other terms defined in these General Conditions, the following words (where indicated with a capital letter) bear the meaning specified below, both in the singular and in the plural:


The online store owned by Falket di Gianola Paolo and registered with the Lecco Chamber of Commerce, having VAT number 02166280137 and Tax Code GNLPLA73L17A745X, headquartered at Via Giabbio zona industriale, 23834 Premana (LC), Italy.


The natural or legal person browsing the falket.com website.


The natural or legal person who submits an Order through the falket.com website.


The falket.com website and the Client jointly.


The website owned by Falket and distinguished by the URL: www.falket.com


The goods sold on the falket.com website, as indicated by the Customer in their Order and bearing the characteristics and qualities described online.


The agreement governed by these General Conditions of Sale and Transport, entered into between Falket and the Customer. Following Falket’s receipt of the Order, these Conditions are deemed as having been accepted by the Parties.

Order Confirmation:

The Customer’s acceptance, sent by the falket.com website via electronic transmission, of the unit price of the Product (or the total price of the Products, for purchases of multiple goods), the transport costs, the characteristics and quality of the Product(s) and the provisions contained in these General Conditions of Sale and Transport. Once the Order has been received, Falket shall email the Customer a summary outlining the details of the same.


The Contract is entered into upon the Customer’s payment of the amount due, completed via the relative methods and procedures.
For Customers who choose to pay by credit card, prepaid card or PayPal, Falket’s receipt of confirmation regarding the transaction on the PayPal servers shall determine the conclusion of the Contract. When Customers pay by bank transfer or request to pay Cash On Delivery, the conclusion of the Contract shall coincide with the payment of the amount indicated in the Order Confirmation. In all cases, delivery of the goods is subject to payment of the Order. Payments by credit card, prepaid card or PayPal must take place at the same time as the Order is submitted through the website. In the event of a bank transfer, payment must be received within 5 working days from receipt of the Order, after which the Order shall be considered as cancelled and Falket relieved of any obligation before the Customer. For Cash On Delivery, payment must be made to the carrier delivering the goods.


Usually, fulfilment of the Order takes from 3 to 10 working days.
Should we be unable to meet this deadline, the Customer will be promptly informed via email, indicating the expected delivery. In this case, the Customer has the right to rescind the Order within 24 hours following receipt of the message. If Falket does not receive any written communication from the Customer within this period regarding the intention to withdraw from the Order, the latter shall be deemed as confirmed with the new delivery terms.


The Products are accurately depicted and made visible on the website, corresponding to the characteristics actually possessed. However, since it is a natural material and subject to dimensional variation, Falket cannot 100% guarantee an exact correspondence with the images and colours as they appear on the Client’s monitor. For this reason, the colouring is not subject to dispute, with Falket guaranteeing a dimensional tolerance of +/- 5%.
The Parties mutually acknowledge that an extreme instance may occur in which the products presented on the website are no longer available or on sale at the time the Customer accesses the website and that the relative prices may be subject to change.


To submit an Order, Customers can search the various pages of the website for the desired product(s), each bearing a dedicated product data sheet. It is possible to search/filter products by price, age, as well as by name through the “Search” function. Clicking on “Preview Image” for the article opens the Product Data Sheet containing additional details (other images, videos, instructions, and so on). All the information contained in the product data sheets are freely accessible.
In order to complete an Order, it is necessary to first register for free on the website. At the top right, next to the symbol, the number of items contained in the cart at that time is shown. Clicking on the icon accesses the shopping cart containing a summary of the Products and the total amount. Once having verified the correctness of the information relating to the name, quantity of each item, the price and total of each item, the Customer can proceed with the Order Confirmation by clicking on “Proceed with Order”. At this point, if the Customer has already registered, it is possible to continue, or else the Customer will be directed to the page for accessing the Reserved Area. After logging in, it is possible to proceed with the Order. During the Order process, a new delivery address may be added. Then, the total shipping cost is to be checked, the desired payment method chosen and the Order definitively confirmed. After clicking on “Place Order”, the Customer will receive an email with a summary of the Order.


Legislative Decree Legislative Decree no. 185 dated 22nd May 1999 contains the regulations on the Buyer’s right of withdrawal if entering into a purchase contract takes place outside of a commercial premise. Purchases made via the Internet are therefore included.
Hence, all natural persons who have purchased through our website are entitled to rescind.
This right can be exercised without providing any reasons. In order to continuously improve our services, it would still be appreciated to receive, even in a summary manner, a comment on what has changed. The right of withdrawal is not afforded to legal persons (such as companies, resellers, etc.) nor to natural persons acting for purposes related to their commercial activity.
The right of withdrawal must be made via registered letter with proof of receipt, no later than 14 days from the date the goods are received.
By exercising this right, the Buyer will be entitled to a refund of the entire amount paid for the goods returned.
At Falket’s request, the Buyer must provide the following: a copy of the original shipment, the code of the item(s) being returned (in the event of partial withdrawal) and the bank details to which the transfer is to be sent (IBAN code of the bank account of the invoice holder).
The right of withdrawal does not apply to any products which, originally sealed, have been opened by the Customer.
The transport shall be at the responsibility of the latter. The goods must be returned intact and in their entirety, otherwise Falket will reject acceptance of the goods, which shall be returned to the Customer.
The payment of the amount to be paid to the Customer returning the goods will be effectuated by bank transfer, to the bank communicated by the Customer and no later than 20 working days from the date that Falket receives the goods.


Policy on the processing of personal data of website Users/Article 13 and Article 14 of Regulation 2016/679/EU (hereinafter, also the “GDPR”).