Falket qualità superiore




Established in 1972 in Premana (Lecco) north of Italy, a worldwide famous village for the production of cutlery and cutting items, our company is still distinguished by an artisan character, it has always been dedicated to the development , manufacturing & sales of a complete range of professional products including pruning and gardening equipments and tools under FALKET brand.
FALKET’s line of products includes: lopping-shears, new hedge shears, double cut blades scissors, professionals vineyard, pruning, gardening and picking-up scissors, saw and grafting knives, wide selection of knives and saw-knives for the most varied function uses such as: pruning works, shrubs cutting, forest or mountain paths thinning, hobbies, or simply the maintenance of the house-garden.
Whichever is the function, FALKET’s products are sure, powerful, with perfect and precise cut, without minimal crushing of the branch, remarkable lightness and strength that are always very appreciated and requested by all users.
Spare parts for a fast and simple substitution are available for all items assuring original performances of the products.
All FALKET’s products are lifetime guaranteed against manufacturing defects for use in conformity with the intended use of the product.


To enlarge and to consolidate our products’ offer, FALKET pays attention to the requirements of the market and of our clients;
that is why we are constantly searching for innovative methods and solutions.
Continuous searching of new high quality raw materials, modern and innovative production technologies,
the entire production work process, from the developing till the packaging, qualified skilled workers,
together with the rigorous and regular controls and tests during all the production,
combined with the acquired artisan long experience, assures a constant high quality of our products.
Because of all these reasons together with the passion for our work and being conscious of our main aim:
to satisfy completely our clients; who holds the FALKET items is sure to use an ideal tool for any cut need.



Confirming our ecological tendency,
FALKET has installed a roof photovoltaic system of 16.65KWP, entirely integrated for electric energy production.
The system’s output is about 18.000KWH a year, it allows us to reduce CO2 emissions
of about 20.000kg and to save approximately 7.000kg of oil.
And so the FALKET products are made with a full respect of the environment where we live and work,
contributing in this way in environmental protection.


The company FALKET is affiliated member of the quality trademark PREMANA released by Chamber of Commerce of Lecco which is the administration authority that must value the use’s license’s requests and assign the trademark rights to the companies producing cut items, following the techno-productive requests established by Rules of trademark’s use. To be forged PREMANA trademark, the product must be guaranteed according to the production process norms regulated by Production’s Controls.
The main purpose of the affiliated mark PREMANA is to guarantee the origin, the quality and the kind of the product or of the service.